"I love walking into a bookstore. It's  likeall myfriendsare sitting on shelves, waving their  pages at me."

​                                                 -Tahera Mati


​​​​​​I have always loved reading. For as long as I can remember, books have been an important part of who I am. My Gran (Annie), my mum (Joanne), and my step-mom (Sally) were the 3 biggest influences in my love of reading. In retrospect I should have become a librarian. Instead, I entered the field of Dentistry. For 37 years I worked in this area; five years as an assistant and 32 years as a hygienist.

In 2011 I approached my Mum with the idea of opening a used book store. She was happy to partner up with me in this venture. Sadly, she passed away before the dream became a reality. The store is named in her honor.

I retired from my dental hygiene career in June of 2013 and opened Mums Book Shop on December 19, 2013. We invite you to stop in and browse our new and used books. 


Our Story