Store Policies


* New Books are full price.

* Used  books are 50% off of the original price. 

* We also carry books that are  purchased  from an overstock supplier. These 

books are NEW and priced as marked. They are not subject to further discount. 

                  ​***Hardcover books are $3.00 unless marked otherwise. As of October 9, 2017 we are clearing out out Hardcover Books due to space constraints.***

* Audio books are as marked.


We DO NOT accept the following:

Hardcover Books, "Adult" Books, Audio Books on cassette, Comic Books, Magazines, & Text Books.

* Books must be in good condition and have a readable spine.

* No food or drink spills (only your cookbooks at home should have these).

* No water damage (if books were meant to swim they would have fins).

* No dirty or moldy books (penicillin should grow in labs not books).

* No missing pages (noooooooo, say it ain't so, the end is missing!)

* Children's books trade only for children's books.

* Each book taken in trade gives you an additional 50% off a used book purchase.

     We reserve the right to refuse any book and to limit the number of books taken in for trade at each visit. 

"Books give us someplace to go when we have to staywhere we are."  

                                -Mason Cooley